Exadata X8 Launched

Exadata X8 has been launched on 2nd April 2019.

As per the Exadata X8-2 datasheet there is a new feature the Exadata X8-2 Extended (XT) Storage Server has been introduced. This is the third storage option available on exadata platform now. Earlier only Extreme Flash(EF) and High Capacity(HC) were supported.

This storage option will allow extended storage capacity in exadata with much lower cost for low use data.

One Exadata XT Storage Server will include twelve 14 TB SAS disk drives with 168 TB total raw disk capacity. To achieve a lower cost, Flash is not included, and storage software is optional.

This lower-cost addition to the Exadata Storage Server lineup delivers Exadata class benefits:

• Efficient – The XT server offers the same high capacity as the HC Storage server, including Hybrid Columnar Compression
• Simple – The XT server adds capacity to Exadata while remaining transparent to applications, transparent to SQL, and retains the same operational model
• Secure – The XT server enables customers to extend the same security model and encryption used for online data to low-use data, because it is integrated within the same Exadata
Fast and Scalable – Unlike other low-access data storage solutions, the XT server is integrated to the Exadata fabric, for fast access and easy scale-out
• Compatible – The XT server is just another flavor of Exadata Storage server – you can just add XT servers to any Exadata rack

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