Installing Oracle Database 18c on Oracle Linux 7.4

Oracle 18c database is finally released for on-premises. click here for more details.

I will be showing here step-by-step installation of oracle database 18c on Oracle linux 7.4 VM.

Pre-requisites to install oracle 18c database:

Oracle has simplified the pre-requisite process by providing preinstallation RPM since 11g. This RPM is available for Oracle Linux.

Open a terminal window and run the following as root.

Once above RPM is installed, check for oracle user and set the password for it.

Download the oracle 18c software from OTN.

Starting from Oracle database 18c and Grid Infrastructure 12.2, oracle has introduced image based installation of oracle software. For image base installation create the oracle home directory path and extract the downloaded software into the that path.

Now run the runInstaller from the oracle home directory where we extracted the software



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