RMAN duplicate error: RMAN-11003 ORA-19755

I was doing a RMAN duplicate recently and got below error while recovery was in progress

I further looked into alert log and saw below error, which says “ORA-19755: could not open change tracking file”

This is listed as a bug on My Oracle Support (Doc ID 1098638.1) and there are several workarounds.

1. There are patches available for this bug on several platforms, after applyig patch att following to RMAN dulicate script


2. Another workaround is to diasble block chnage tracking in target database before duplicate.

I tried my own workaround, which is to disable the block change tracking in auxiliary database when it is in mount state after restoration of controlfile.

I was monitoring the RMAN duplicate and as soon as it restored control file and mounted the database, I disabled the block change tracking.

I logged in as sysdba and check for database status and then query v$block_change_tracking and it shows the same error here

We can see that after disabling block change tracking, query did not returned any error and this time RMAN duplicate completed successfully

Once RMAN duplicate was completed successfully, I logged back into database and saw that block change tracking file was created

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