Cloning OEM13c Management Agent in Silent Mode on Windows Target

In this post I will explain about cloning OEM13c Management Agent in Silent Mode on Windows Target.

Note: Ensure that you do not use the central agent (that is, the Management Agent installed on the OMS host) as the source Management Agent.

On Source:
1. Set the required environment variables on Source

2. Navigate to the agent base directory and run the script from the Management Agent Oracle home

3. Compress the directories and files present in the agent base directory

4. Navigate to temporary work directory and copy the following files to that directory

5. Create a final zip of all the contents in temporary work directory and transfer the ZIP file to the installation base directory of the destination host using a file transfer utility (for example, FTP).

On Destination:
6. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to a temporary directory on the destination host (the temporary directory is referred to as in the steps that follow).

7. Create response File agent.rsp

8. Call up a command prompt – as “Administrator”
startmenu/run/cmd choose “run as administrator” & uncheck restricted access

\agentDeploy.bat AGENT_BASE_DIR= RESPONSE_FILE= -clone

Known Issues during agentDeploy.bat if msvcr100.dll is missing from C:\Windows\System32:
SEVERE:Create service for service name:Oracleagent13c1Agent has failed.
Agent configuration has failed
Doc ID 2220447.1
copy msvcr100.dll from other system to C:\Windows\System32

9. Check agent Status

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