Exadata X8 Launched

Exadata X8 has been launched on 2nd April 2019. As per the Exadata X8-2 datasheet there is a new feature the Exadata X8-2 Extended (XT) Storage Server has been introduced. This is the third storage option available on exadata platform now. Earlier only Extreme Flash(EF) and High Capacity(HC) were supported. This storage option will allow…

ORA-00701: object necessary for warmstarting database cannot be altered

After upgrading database from to, most of the statements were failing with below error:

Let me check the indexes for which number of extents has reached max_extents value.

So it’s just I_OBJ5 index. Now let’s increase the value of MAXEXTENTS for this index.

Data Dictionary objects may be not be…

Installing Oracle Database 18c on Oracle Linux 7.4

Oracle 18c database is finally released for on-premises. click here for more details. I will be showing here step-by-step installation of oracle database 18c on Oracle linux 7.4 VM. Pre-requisites to install oracle 18c database: Oracle has simplified the pre-requisite process by providing preinstallation RPM since 11g. This RPM is available for Oracle Linux. Open…

Installing Oracle Linux 7.4 on Virtual Box

In this post I will show you how to install Oracle Linux on Virtual Box for Oracle database. Download the virtual box for your platform and install. Once virtual box is installed follow the following steps to install the Oracle Linux 7.4 Click on New and input the machine name, select type as Linux and…

Oracle Database 18c is now available for download

As we already know that 18c for Cloud and On-Premises Engineered System was released earlier this year in February/March. 18c for On-Premises Engineered System is available for download on edelivery.oracle.com Now Oracle database 18c for on-premises (Linux x86-64) is available for download on OTN. 18c is nothing but Instead of releasing Oracle implemented…

RMAN duplicate error: RMAN-11003 ORA-19755

I was doing a RMAN duplicate recently and got below error while recovery was in progress

I further looked into alert log and saw below error, which says “ORA-19755: could not open change tracking file”

This is listed as a bug on My Oracle Support (Doc ID 1098638.1) and there are several workarounds….

Cloning OEM13c Management Agent in Silent Mode on Windows Target

In this post I will explain about cloning OEM13c Management Agent in Silent Mode on Windows Target. Note: Ensure that you do not use the central agent (that is, the Management Agent installed on the OMS host) as the source Management Agent. On Source: 1. Set the required environment variables on Source

2. Navigate…